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Ordinary Members

  1. Ordinary members shall consist of firms or companies engaged in pharmaceuticals as manufactures, agents, representatives or distributors in Malaysia, who have been approved by the board of the Association.

Associate Members

  1. Associate members shall consist of individuals, firm, or companies which are not eligible for ordinary membership. An associate member shall have the rights and duties of an ordinary member save that he shall not be entitled to vote at General Meeting of the Association nor be appointed or elected as a member of the Board managing the affairs of the Association.


  1. Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Secretary in a prescribed form.
  2. Every individual, firm or company who has accepted the invitation of the Board to join the Association and paid the required Entrance Fee and the subscription, shall ipso facto and without election, be made a member of the Association.
  3. Any firm or company eligible for election shall become a Member in its conventional or corporate name.
  4. Members other than individuals shall be presented by one person each and shall notify the Secretary in writing or the name of representative who is to attend meetings on their behalf. Nominations of representatives shall be entered in a Register and shall hold good until revoked.

Dual Membership

  1. Ordinary and Associate members shall not be members of any similar or competing bodies within the pharmaceutical industry in order to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Honorary Membership

  1. The Board of Directors may confer Honorary Membership to deserving individuals who have, in their opinion, contributed to the development of the pharmaceutical industry.


Ordinary & Associate Members

  1. An Entrance Fee of RM 1,000.00 for ordinary members and RM 3,000.00 for associate members is payable within two weeks of election to membership, in default of which, membership may be cancelled by order of the Board, Entrance Fee paid shall not be refundable.
  2. The annual subscription for Ordinary Members shall be such sums as the Members in General Meetings may from time to time prescribe, but until otherwise, the following Table A shall be used to determine the annual subscription for an Ordinary Member.
  3. The annual subscription for Associate Membership will be RM 15,000.00. 

Subscription Fee Schedule for Ordinary Membership

Please contact the secretariat for details on the fee schedule.


Note:  Distributors

  1. Distributors are member companies who are currently engaged in wholesaling/distributing.
  2. Distributors may have their own product agencies.  However, the core business (which forms the bulk of the companies’ income) must be from no.1 above.
  3. Distributors must declare total incomes:
    Total Income = All Sales as obtained from wholesaling and own product agencies.  5% of Total Income declared will be considered as (turnover) X for a wholesaler. This value (X) will be used to determine the subscription based on the above table.
    e.g.  If the total sales turnover of a distributor is RM300 million / year
    X = RM300 million x 5% = RM15 million. 
    The subscription rate for RM15 million would be RM7,000.00 based on the proposed scale.

* A newly elected Member joining the Association after January shall pay subscription on a pro rata basis.