The Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia (PhAMA) was registered in 1972. Today, the Association represents the interests of 40 member companies (2 associate members). Members of the Association consist of importers, distributors and manufacturers of medicines and covers both local concerns and multinational corporations.

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The affairs of the Association are managed by the Board of Directors consisting of thirteen members, namely the President, 2 Vice Presidents, an Immediate Past-President and 9 Board Directors. These thirteen Board members are elected to office bi-annually (i.e. every 2 years). The President and 2 Vice-Presidents are elected by the Board members from amongst themselves. The president of the previous term stays on automatically as the past-President and a thirteenth member is appointed to join the Board.

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Ms Chan Li Jin
Ms Janice Law
Ms Azura Lahadzir
Ms Alice Chee


The Association is affiliated to the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Association (IFPMA) and also to the Global Self-Care Federation (formerly known as the World Self-Medication Industry - WSMI). IFPMA members are companies manufacturing and marketing ethical products while members of the WSMI are those manufacturing and marketing Over-The-Counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals products. Both bodies are non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and are affiliated to the World Health Organisation (WHO).


International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Association (IFPMA)
International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Association (IFPMA)
Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF)
Global Self-Care Federation

Celebrating fifty years of dedication to the

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industry!

PhAMA 50th Anniversary

As PhAMA celebrates her Golden Jubilee in 2022, our 50th Anniversary Logo ripples out from the logotype to symbolise the continuing and spreading results of her timely actions to quality and innovative medicines in Malaysia! The ribbon reflects the celebration of the association’s years of dedication.