Regulatory Affairs Committee

Promotes high regulatory standards and environment that facilitates the registration and access of medicines to patients.

Policy Committee

Create opportunities for dialogue and engagement with government, government-related agencies and key stakeholders towards policy-shaping and nation-building.

Access and Procurement Committee

Identify and resolve hurdles in providing access to innovative medicines to ensure more people can get treated with the best-in-class medicines. This includes enhancing Formulary Listing, Procurement Processes, Healthcare Financing and Health Economics.

Ethics Committee

Develops, maintains and enforces high ethical standards through the implementation of the PhAMA Code of Practice for Prescription and Over-the-Counter Pharmaceutical Products.

Intellectual Property & Innovation Committee

Advocate the strengthening of Intellectual Property Rights to support Malaysia in becoming a Knowledge-Based Economy.

Consumer Healthcare Committee

Drive quality for Over-the-Counter (OTC) medicines sector, and advocate responsible and informed self-care through correct usage, storage and disposal of medications.

Clinical Research Committee

Work with stakeholders in driving the quality and success of clinical research initiatives in Malaysia.

Malaysian Cancer Care Coalition

Convergence of all cancer-related stakeholders towards enhancing cancer care and access to oncology therapies in Malaysia.