The Malaysian Cancer Care Coalition (M3C) was established in 2017 to Elevate Cancer Care and Improve Patient Outcomes.
M3C aims to achieve this through:

  • Early intervention activities for e.g. awareness, early screening and diagnosis.
  • Exploring Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for innovative financing options.
  • Alignment with the Government’s National Strategic Plan for Cancer Control Programme (NSPCCP).



1) Reform Health Financing for Cancer Care

  • Propose for 10% incremental increases in the National Budget for cancer,
  • Explore Private-Public-Partnerships (PPP) for innovative financing solutions,
  • Earmark at least 5% from sin tax for cancer care financing,
  • Introduce public financing, community-based health insurance (CBHI) or co–pay systems, and
  • Introduce portable health insurance with cancer-specific coverage

2) Shift towards Value-based Medicine

  • Adopt patient-centric frameworks to determine and assess value,
  • Establish value assessment framework using care pathways, and
  • Identify best-practice care pathways for at least one cancer area

3) Better Governance in Cancer Control

  • Advocate for multi-sectoral central governance body for the National Strategic Plan for Cancer Control Programme (NSPCC).
  • To involve non-health stakeholders (e.g. businesses, welfare NGOs, etc) in community level initiatives.

4) Improve Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

  • Introduce and mainstream patient navigation and access to psychosocial support.

5) Strengthen Monitoring and Application of Cancer Control Data

  • Utilize and make public the KPIs for the evaluation of the National Strategic Plan for Cancer Control Programme (NSPCC).
  • Harness resources from the Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MHDW) in evaluating cancer care.
  • Make cancer a mandatory notifiable disease for non-Ministry of Health healthcare facilities.


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