A Happy International Self-Care Week!  PhAMA is excited to announce an upcoming release of our first ever Self-Care White Paper. Watch this space for it!

The widespread global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged consumers to rethink their lifestyle choices and increased focus on health management, disease prevention and professional healthcare interventions.  One area of this changing norm is Self-Care.    In sustaining, protecting and improving human health, self-care plays an essential role.   Core to the success of implementation of  an effective Self-Care system is communication health literacy improvement, appropriate guidance on the adoption and implementation of Self-Care strategies.

"At the heart of this is advocacy and engagement of key public and private stakeholders, including through the processes has lead to a White Paper on Self-Care which is a key milestone for the PhAMA Consumer Healthcare committee, and we are very excited about“ – Louis-George Lassonnery and Sook Fun Leong , Co-Chairperson of the PhaMA Consumer Healthcare Committee."