PhAMA Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices for Prescription (Ethical) Products
(21st Edition - 2019)



The PhAMA Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices was first drawn up and adopted by the membership in 1978. It has undergone constant review by the association and has been amended from time to time where necessary, to clarify it and bring it up-to-date.

Notwithstanding any provision made under the Code, all marketing activities under the Code must conform to all existing and relevant government legislation governing the practice of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The Code owes its existence to the determination of the Association to voluntarily secure the acceptance and adoption of high standards of conduct in the marketing of pharmaceutical products which the industry makes available for prescription purposes to the public. For this reason, members of the Association have concurred in the promulgation of this Code and submitted to its restraints.

Companies outside the Association are strongly recommended to accept and observe the Code.

This Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices supersedes the previous Code. There is a separate Code that regulates OTC products.


 PhAMA Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices 2019 (PDF File Download, 726 KB)


In 2019 IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations) adopted new Ethos

Accordingly, PhAMA fully shares the new values and principle that are given in IFPMA's new Ethos.