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Project Title Your project can be completed, ongoing or in planning stage, from year 2014 onwards. The research must be carried out in Malaysia and beneficial to Malaysians.
Name of Principal Investigator Principal investigator must be a Malaysian citizen. (A regional/multi-country collaborative project is allowed). (Individual CVs are not required)
Institution Full name of institution(s) or organisation(s)
Contact Number Contact number of person to be contacted
Email Address Email address of person to be contacted
Name of Co-investigator(s) (Individual CVs are not required)
Stage of Completion (Please Choose: Completed, Ongoing, Planning)
Project Duration (mm/yy until mm/yy)
Project Background Provide rationale for the research
Project Objective(s) Define objectives clearly and state specifically what the project intends to accomplish. One to two secondary objectives may be stated. They should be in the order of priority.
Project Design/Methodology State the type of experimental design that is used. Describe the treatments that are compared (with number of patients per arm), any control group(s) and the follow-up procedures. The procedures must be clear and concise.
Project Results/Expected Results State the detailed projected/expected results of the project.
Project Discussion State your discussion based on the achieved or non-achieved endpoints or any results and any possible bias. Put N/A if project is at planning stage or is still ongoing.
Project Conclusion Summarize and state whether objective(s) of study have been achieved. Put N/A if project is at planning stage or is still ongoing.
Key Benefits of the Project Describe the results, achievement(s) implemented.
Impacts of Implementation in Malaysia Describe how the impact of the project was measured, quantitatively and qualitatively, and which group of people benefited from a healthcare perspective.
Project Cost (In Ringgit Malaysia)
Publication/Attachment (if applicable)