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14-Sep-2009 Caution Statement on “Possible Interaction between Clopidogrel and Proton Pump Inhibitors” required to be included in the product package insert for Clopidogrel
Bil (42) dlm. BPFK/PPP/01/03 dated 14th Sept 2009
DCA letters
13-Oct-2009 Caution Statement on “Increased Risk for Opportunistic Infections such as Activation of Latent Viral Infections Including BK Virus-Associated Nephropathy” required to be included in the product package insert for Immunosuppressant
Bil (44) dlm. BPFK/PPP/01/03 dated 13th October 2009
DCA letters
22-Jul-2010 Caution Statement on "Boxed warning" must include Propylthiouracil with "Severe Liver Injury"
Bil (55) dlm. BPFK/PPP/01/03 dated 22nd Jul 2010
DCA letters
23-Feb-2011 Briefing on 'Competition Act 2010'
by the Ms Shila Dorai Raj, Director of the Interim Competition Commission, MDTCC
General News
15-Sep-2009 Advertisement on Products for nicotine replacement therapy with MAB Approval
Bil (37) dlm KKM-55/205/001/02 Jld 5 dated 15th Sept 2009
MAB Letter
12-Nov-2009 8th List for BE Studies for Oral “Immediate Release” Generic Products
Bil (46) dlm. BPFK/PPP/01/03 dated 30th October 2009
DCA letters
24-Mar-2016 44th PhAMA Annual General Meeting 2016

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